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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 15:17

We've Got One Too!

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The West Coast Eagles have one, the Socceroos have one and Torrumbarry has one;  a Josh Kennedy!  But I reckon our Josh could out swim the other two.  Next month Welton Primary School Year 6 student Josh Kennedy will swim in the School Sport Australia National Swimming Championships at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. This is an extraordinary achievement for this youngster.  He will represent his school and his state in five individual and two team events.

 Josh will compete in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke, the 100m freestyle and the 50m butterfly.  He will also compete in the 4X50m freestyle relay and will swim the backstroke leg in the 4X100m medley.  “I reckon backstroke is probably my best stroke.  Dad reckons the longer the event the closer I get to the front so probably the 200m backstroke is my best event.”  Josh is philosophical about his chances and recognises that just making the team is an achievement in itself.  “My aim is to make a final.  Anything after that is a bonus. I’d love to get a medal.” 

Josh trains hard and rarely has a day off.  He trains every weekday and twice a day on Mondays and Fridays. “All up I think I do seven water sessions and four gym sessions a week.”  Weekends will often involve competitive swimming and on weekends when there is no competition Josh might get a Sunday off.
This hectic schedule of training, competing and training again, places significant demands on the Kennedy family.  Josh’s mum Leah is well aware of this.  She worries that the huge amount of time and energy put into swimming, is time and energy that doesn’t go into the farm business and their day to day lives.  “Sometimes I find myself thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Josh just didn’t want to swim anymore, then we could get our lives back!’ ..but you know he has this ability and we’re giving him the opportunity to make the most of it.  As long as he is committed - and he is, we’ll support him.  We’re very proud of his achievements and just as proud of his attitude and commitment.”

The Torrumbarry Community will be supporting Josh too.  Welton Primary School and The Torrumbarry Community Club have agreed to jointly finance some of the significant costs involved in competing in the national championships.  Our community hopes Josh achieves his aim and “makes a final” but whether he does or not we know he will give it his best and at Welton Primary at least, that already makes him a winner.  They have a motto there that says, “Your best is ALWAYS good enough!”

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